Drummer Tools

Restoring A Vintage Olympic Drum Kit

I would highly recommend a restoration to any drummer who has some spare time. The art of dismantling, cleaning and reassembling drums helps us to understand their design and construction on a deeper level and we can gain more respect for the instrument when we put time, care and effort into bringing a drum kit …

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How to select a drum kit for a recording session

In this first part of a series of blogs I discuss the process involved in how and why I selected the drum kit to be used for a recording session. I will be open and honest about all of the aspects and issues of this particular studio session and my overall experience of being called upon for session …

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Drummer Survival Kit

With frequent gigging comes potential equipment emergencies. Being prepared can be the best course of action to reduce/prevent sticky situations during live performances.  Many drummers may not have the luxury of a drum tech to look after equipment so it’s wise to compile a Drummer Survival Kit to take on the road with you.  Here’s what’s in mine: Drum Key …

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